RE Wesker
Albert Wesker is a character from Capcom's Resident Evil. He previously fought Batman in an episode of One Minute Melee.

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Wolverine VS Albert Wesker (Wolverine-Man)

  • "And what business do you have with me?" Wesker to Wolverine after the latter arrives to Umbrella Corporation
  • "(Chuckles) You cannot slice Gods into pieces. You will eventually fall." Wesker boasting before battling Wolverine
  • "Hurk!" Wesker spits out blood as Wolverine thrusts all six of his claws into him
  • ""Aaaagh!" Wesker screams as Wolverine snaps his arm in half
  • "I am impressed by our similarities." Wesker after Wolverine brags about his Adamantium skeleton, also his last words