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This is a wiki where you can make your own Fan-Made DBX fights. All fights are welcome! This not to be confused with the Death Battle Fanon Wiki, but visit there too! No research is needed; just bloodshed. Join now!

What We Do Here

Members of the DBX Fanon Wiki get free cookies.

...Okay, that might have been a lie, but you do get to write your own kick-ass battles between your favorite fictional characters WITHOUT having to worry about that pesky research!

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Here are some links too assist you while writing DBXs on this Fanon Wikia such as the Rules of this Wikia.

Rules and Guidelines

DBX Fanon Hall of Records

What-If? DBXs

If you are interested reading some of the DBXs on this Wikia to give you an idea on what you want to do, here are some DBXs written by users on this Wikia to check out!

Video Game Only Themed DBX Fights

Rivalry themed DBX Fights

'Fighting Game' themed DBXS