Diana Cavendish VS Katsuki Bakugo! Which one of these two rivals will come out on top of each other?

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No rules!

Just Bloodshed!



Diana Cavendish is at the Cavendish estate garden, practicing her magic. Suddenly, she turned around, and saw a huge explosion headed her way, and just was able to dodge the attack. A boy landed on the now destroyed garden, and swore. He was Bakugo Katsuki.

"DAMN IT! I missed! I meant to hit that freak. Well, I'll get going."

"Not so FAST!" Bakugo turned around, to see an enraged Diana. "You destroyed my home's garden! You need to pay!"

Bakugo gave a angry grin. "Yeah, right. As if I'll do that. Go die in a ditch." This enraged Diana further, she pulled out her wand and pointed it at him.


Bakugo snarled in rage, and got into a fighting position. "If you say so! I'm going to blow you all the way to HELL!"


Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyrrivs3qeg

Bakugo used an explosion to launch himself at Diana, and reached his arm out to explode her face. Diana dodged it, and cast some spells at him. Bakugo used his explosions to destroy them all. Diana ran at him, and swung her fists him, but Bakugo dodged them, and grabbed her hair. "DON'T YOU DARE." Diana growled.

"Oh, I dare!" He pulled her by hair, and Diana gave a squeal, and put his hand on her head, and began to explode it, and launched her away with an explosion.

She landed away, and stumbled, but got to her feet quickly. Bakugo created another giant explosion, and Diana countered it by creating a large wall, which blew up, and Diana launched homing shots at him. Bakugo saw them come out of the dust, and got hit by them, launching him away. Bakugo got up, and blasted himself at Diana, and got in front of Diana. He swung his fists at her, trying to grab hold of her, but Diana dodged his attacks and she punched him in the face, causing Bakugo's nose to bleed. In anger, he grabbed Diana's wrist, and threw her away. While in the air, Diana pointed her wand at the ground under Bakugo, causing it to uproot, and him going up into the air. Diana landed onto the ground, and used a spell on nearby rock and launched it at Bakugo, which hit him, and knocked him down.

While he was downed, Diana cast a spell that caused a tornado, and Bakugo got caught in it. "YOU BASTARD!!!"

Bakugo used his explosions to get out, and he then screamed as he used his ultimate attack: "HOWITZER, IMPACT!!!" Diana created a shield to try and block the attack, but the shield broke from the huge explosion, which you could see from a mile away, and covered the entire Cavendish estate garden. This caused Diana blow away far away, and she landed away into a forest. Her left arm was burnt and she was bleeding. Bakugo blasted his way to Diana. "Had enough yet?"

"I can't give up yet! I must believe in myself! THAT IS MY MAGIC!" Diana raised her wand, and cast a healing spell, healing her injuries and stopped her bleeding. "Oh, THAT'S BULLSHIT!" Bakugo screamed. She created golden swords, that were floating in the air, and she launched them at Bakugo. He blew some out of the way, but the other ones went behind him, and he turned around to blow those away. He exploded them, and Diana said behind: "You should pay more ATTENTION!"

Bakugo turned around, but was then impaled by the 2 other swords he missed. He coughed blood, and was dead. Diana looked down at the now dead Bakugo, and waved her wand. His body then disappeared, with just a pile of blood left, and one of Bakugo's gauntlet.

"No-one messed with a Cavendish and gets away with it." Diana then sighed. "Apologies about that." She picked up Bakugo's gauntlet, and relieved it of his sweat and blood. "I think I'll keep this."


Akko and everyone else are shocked to see Diana bleeding, and the garden destroyed. Deku sees the pile of blood and is confused.


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