No Rules, Just Bloodshed! The First Frog Battles The...Erm.... Other First Frog! (I Have Played Both Games...)

In This Weird Written World The Underground And Pokemon Exist....And...Uhhhh...Just For Convenience...Wild Froakie And Froggit Walk Around....K...Lets Get Into...It...This Lacks Excitement....



Froakie was casually walking down a forest path when it saw a frog. and approached it. "Froa Froakie!" Froakie said to this other frog creature.

Unfortunately Froggit did not speak froakie and took this as an insult.

Unlike other Froggit who don't really care when they are insulted this Froggit did and attacked Froakie with a single "bullet".

This shot was not fired accurately and went thru the gap between froakie's eyes.

(not final version incoming!!!!!)(seriously...been busy and just getting to this now...and have more stuff to do...)(much going to improve)

The area flashed and suddenly they were in the Undertale battle box.HP bars above their heads,gender symbols and names."Froakie.Male.HP 30/30" "Froggit.Genderless.HP 30/30"

Froakie did not hesitate to fire some bubbles at Froggit but being bubbles they popped before they made contact with the Froggit...

Some "bullets" flew in from the top of the box and flew straight at froakie who used quick attack to dodge this and attack froggit. Froakie hit one of froggit's eyes!

-3 HP! was not very effective...?

After performing this Froakie sped past and hit a wall.Froggit took this opportunity and sent 3 bullets at froakie.they all hit!

-7 HP!