Jeff the Killer vs Malice is Kirbysakurai's first DBX


Creepypasta vs Mario: The Music Box!

Two murderous knife-wielding psychopaths who have dabbled in fratricide and are associated with a higher entity duke it out!

Will Jeff make Malice go to sleep to the tune of a music box or will Malice's chances of victory be bleached so Jeff will not be lent a win?





HABIT: Welp, time to spin the wheel to decide where the fight takes place.

The Observer: The options were the asylum from The Morgue Files and the mansion from Mario the Music Box.

Yuka: After three spins, the wheel picked the mansion, giving Malice the home advantage.

Satoshi: The possessed plumber may have the home advantage but will that be enough to defeat the sadistic smiler?

HABIT: I'm HABIT, he's The Observer, she's Yuka Mochida and he's Satoshi Mochida. Time for the DBX!



Dead by Daylight - Jeff the Killer- Lobby and Chase Theme (Fan Made)

A man who wore blue overalls that had a red undershirt and a red cap with the letter “M” that was trapped in a white circle wandered through the colliders of the mansion, on edge due to the happenings around him. His chocolate brown hair and mustache were barely visible due to the darkness of the mansion. The darkness that night brought only made the plumber more nervous. Unbeknownst to him, someone else was in the mansion with him. Mario heard a light creaking behind him and turned to face the sound but no one was there. If he knew that this was gonna happen, he would have stayed home. A dark figure, who barely managed to turn a corner and leave Mario's sight, let out a sigh of relief as he heard the footsteps of his planned victim quickly getting quieter and quieter. "Why did I come here?" Mario whispered to himself before the light creaking returned. This time, Mario ran. Just as Mario turned back to see if he was being pursued, a punch was delivered to his back while he fell to the floor with a grunt and a thud. Mario turned back to see his assailant and was horrified. His attacker had a white hoodie along with black sweatpants. His black hair that was dark as a raven seemed messy but this wasn't what Mario was focusing on. He was focusing on Jeff's grimace appearance. His bleached skin quickly caught Mario's attention but Mario let out a yelp of terror as he saw Jeff's carved smile. Dry blood was on the corners of the twisted grin that Jeff wore, seemingly less dry blood covered his hoodie, filling Mario's head with thoughts of what was yet to come. Mario tried to rise so he could get away from the malicious man but Jeff stopped this by kicking Mario in the stomach as he writhed around in pain. "Stay down, fucker!" Jeff shouted as he began to raise his kitchen knife, intending to bring it down on the plumber as Mario's blue eyes turned green, confusing Jeff. Malice lunged at Jeff's leg as he screeched. Jeff kicked Malice off him as they quickly got back up, taking out their kitchen knife to combat Jeff's kitchen knife. The Creepypasta somehow managed to grin wider, incredibly excited for this duel. "Well, well, well, this is gonna be fun." "Indeed it will." The teenager and the possessed plumber's words echoed through the hallway as Jeff made the first move and ran towards Malice.


Jeff swung his knife at Malice's throat, the plumber quickly blocking this with their knife as the clashing weapons caused sparks to fly while a loud clinking sound filled the air. Both of the serial killers recoiled due to weapons clashing but Malice recovered first and impaled Jeff's stomach with their knife before ripping it out just to stab it deeper into the Creepypasta. Possessed Mario ripped the knife out once more and raised it, intending to stab Jeff's throat but he grabbed Malice's wrist, twisting it as the plumber winced in pain and dropped their knife with a loud thud. After disarming his opponent, Jeff began to pummel Malice, he kept this up as blood ran down Malice's face and coated Jeff's fist. Malice fought back and headbutted Jeff's stomach, making him slightly recoil and his grip on Malice loosen. Malice quickly snatched their knife and swung sideways at Jeff's face, slicing at his cheek and leaving a shallow cut. Jeff ignored the wound and lunged at possessed Mario before he tackled them and kept running until they ended up at the stairway leading to the first floor. Jeff the Killer rammed Mario and Alice into the stairway and tossed them down but Malice quickly grabbed onto the collar of Jeff's hoodie as both of the killers screamed and plummeted down the stairway. Both of them landed with a grunt as Malice growled at Jeff. "You are going to pay for this, you fucking brat!" Jeff wasn't intimidated by Malice's threat as both of them rose from the floor. "They all say that." Jeff responded as Malice screamed and ran forward, making the first move this time.



  • The connections between Jeff the Killer and Malice are both of them are psychotic murderers who wield knives, murder (or attempted to) their brothers, are associated with a higher entity, (Zalgo and Len respectively) dueled with a white reality warper, (Slenderman and Len respectively) are known for their immense sadism, being controlled by a force and taking on a new albeit similar name afterward, (The Voices & Jeff the Killer and Alice & Malice respectively) and, ironically, Mario is known for exploring a haunted mansion while in the horror game, ISOLATION, Jeff is primarily seen at a mansion.
  • This fight would be traditionally animated
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