No Rules, Just Bloodshed! It's the Caster-Class Servant against The French Wind of Deadly weaponry!

Here we Go!

Caster a servant of the Holy-Grail war, glanced into her crystal-ball watching over as outside Ryuudou Temple, a certain Samurai had fallen causing her to tut in disappointment her face shrouded in darkness under her hood.

"Is this what Guard Dogs can accomplish nowadays?" she sighed starting to turn around to leave the area that held her crystal ball which zoomed in to reveal a smiling face.

Light started to emerge as Caster left her lair, walking into the seams of a peaceful moonlight shining down on the shrouds of the Ryuudou Temple, each step she took it would click upon the concrete walking slowly to her destination... until suddenly

[Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST - A Stranger I Remain]


Caster glanced up for a brief moment and she gasped for a moment before jumping out of the way which to her surprise was a large spear composed of what seemed to be dark shaded arms grasped together.

As Caster jumped back it seemed to belong to someone of long salmon hair and a cybernetic body suit with Arms protruding out of her spine as it seems; This figure was none other than Desperado Unit: Mistral.

"It seems you've been involved in Desperado Unit's orders, I'd advise you to start running away with your life" she grinned as her velvet eyes glimmered as she blinked, Caster was unnerved by this and smiled "I'm afraid it's You who should start running" she grinned as her cloak began opening up.

Inside the hood showed multiple Magical Circles ready to be fired at the Desperado Cyborg, "Well then..." she spoke "On y va?" replied Mistral in her strong French accent.