Sans vs Wario


Undertale vs Mario, which chubby and lazy older brother to a lanky younger brother will win?

Pre Fight

Wario was walking through Snowdin looking for treasure when he saw Sans and Papyrus walking by. Wario thought these were Dry Bones, so he Shoulder Bashed into Papyrus and killed him. Wario then tries to kill Sans, but Sans dodges.

Wario: Hey, come back a here you lousy Dry Bones!


Wario rushes up to Sans and tries to punch him, but Sans dodges again.

Sans: Do you wanna have a bad time? If you continue to fight, then you're gonna get one.

Wario doesn't listen and tries to attack Sans again, but Sans summons a bone field, which blocks Wario's punches. Sans then shoves the bones towards Wario, which hits him and sends him a few feet back. Sans starts throwing various bones at Wario, who destroys them with punches. Wario then activates his Dragon Pot and shoots fireballs at Sans. Sans uses his bone manipulation to block the bones, then uses his soul manipulation to chuck Wario into a tree. Sans proceeds to summon Gaster Blasters at Wario, who avoids them and hops on his Wario Bike. Wario drives towards Sans and tries to hit him, but Sans creates a bone ramp, which Wario goes over. Wario sees Gaster Blasters behind him and starts to drive away, but Sans uses his TK to grab Wario's Bike and throw him back into another tree. Wario gets up and eats garlic to heal himself.

Wario: Stop doing your wierd floaty magic thingy and fight me like a man!

Sans: If you insist.

Sans starts summoning hordes of bones at Wario, who leaps over them and performs a jump kick, but Sans side steps. Sans throws multiple blue bones at Wario, which are avoided. Wario, realizing he can't hit him up close, decides to use a Ground Pound, which causes rocks from above to fall towards Sans. Sans creates bone barriers to block the rocks. While Sans was blocking rocks from above, Wario performs his Shoulder Bash and rams into Sans, causing Sans to fall down in pain. Sans struggles to get up as Wario starts performing punch and kick combos on him before piledriving him into the ground. Wario then performs his Wario Waft, which obliterates Sans.

Wario: Wah hah hah! I'mma number one!

Wario farts again on Sans' dead body, then proceeds to go over to where the treasure is marked and starts digging.


This battle's winner goes to...