The Kraken vs Irys is a DBX made by JohnGojira. It is the 6th episode in JohnGojira's Season 1. The battle features the Kraken from the 2010 Clash of the Titans against Irys from Gamera.


Two giant vengeful forces have arisen from their containment as Hades' creation, the Kraken, emerges and battles Irys, the evil Gyaos-esque creature. As the two evil creations clash, civilization hangs in the balance...






Somewhere in the Sea of Japan, thousands of years BC...

(Cue Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys- Descendents From Antiquity)

The Greek gods looked down on Earth. Hades stepped over to Zeus.

Hades: Zeus, these humans must be punished. Their creation of creatures is an affront to us. It is as if they seek to challenge our power! My child is ready, willing to carry out the necessary, and will show mankind that its creation can never overcome ours.

Zeus paused for a moment.

Then, he turned his head upward.

Zeus: Release the Kraken!

From the bowls of Tartarus erupted the terror known as the Kraken. Waves flew up as it surfaced, its massive tentacles swaying through the air. It roared a hideous roar, as it turned to the west...

(Cue Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys- Imago Irys)

In the forests of Ancient Japan, Irys had emerged after feeding on numerous hosts. He now had to seek out the host with whom he had made his psychic connection. Thus he would complete the bond and power himself.

(Cue Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys- Flight)

Now, his jets ignited, and flaps between his tentacles formed.

He flew into the air.

It burst through the sky letting out it's eerie humming call like that of a whale below, and below watched terrified people.

Villager: The Ryuseicho!

This was what they knew Irys as, based on legends, and it was viewed as a being that would spell the end of the world. Irys was actually a creation of Atlantean origin, but it would indeed spell the end for civilization.

(Cue Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys- The Confrontation)

The summoning from the black Magatama was very close now... However, from far below, Irys heard a roar. He saw a massive being with tentacles wading through the sea. Irys immediately recognized that this creature presented an obstacle for him.

Irys' jets blasted, and the Evil God flew down to fight the Kraken.

The Kraken looked up, and its tentacles positioned defensively. Its face twisted into a grimace as it snarled, and roared at Irys. Irys hummed, and his tentacles waved and he prepared to eliminate his threat.

(Music stops)

Hades: What on earth...

Zeus: It is one of the human creations...


(Cue Gamer 3: Revenge of Irys- Kyoto Goes up in Flames)

The Kraken directed its tentacles to attack Irys. Irys gained altitude to avoid the oncoming attack. Irys opened up its tentaclancers, the blades built onto the tips, and fired out Supersonic Scalpels.

The beams sliced through the Krakens tentacles, and the Kraken roared out in agony as his blood leaked into the water around him. One of the Kraken's tentacles that remained after Irys' attack snatched Irys by the leg, and slammed him into the ocean. Irys roared out as it plunged into the sea.

Irys emerged from the sea, producing its eerie bellowing hum. The Kraken roared, and it stalked towards Irys, its tentacles beginning to regenerate.

(Cue Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys- Crash)

The two walked towards each other, each filled with a desire to kill the other.

The Kraken swung one of his clawed hands to attack Irys, but Irys blocked with one of his bladed arms. Though he intended to pierce the hide of the Kraken, it did not seem to.

The Kraken snarled. He grabbed hold of Irys arm, and pulled Irys towards his gaping jaws. The Kraken's bit onto Irys' body, but could not damage the shell-like exterior.

Irys whipped his tentacles, pointing his tentaclancers at the Kraken. He stabbed the shoulder area of the Kraken with the tentaclancer, piercing through the skin. The Kraken roared out in pain and fury, and plunged his other hand into the Irys' chest.

Irys roared out in pain as the Kraken removed his hand. The bioluminescent patch at Irys' center was horribly mangled. However, Irys was not defeated.

He reared up a blade arm, and stabbed the Kraken through his eye. The Kraken roared in agony and shock. Irys then siphoned some DNA from the Kraken as his blade arm was still in a sensitive spot, then it retracted.

A bleeding hole was what was left of the Kraken's left eye. Now, the Kraken was filled with rage greater than any being in the area. The Kraken bit into Irys' tentacle, but it had become noticeably more durable after Irys' self mutation made work of the Kraken's DNA.

The Kraken swept a clawed hand across Irys' head, and Irys struck the Kraken across the face with its blade arm. One of Irys' tentaclancers positioned to blast the Kraken in the head, but the Kraken wrapped a massive tentacle around Irys, and threw the Ryuseicho across the surface and sent him plunging into the sea.

Irys erupted from the water, flying with his jets, his tentcles now laced with the glowing flaps. Irys flew towards the Kraken, firing Supersonic Scalpels and severing the tentacles that the Kraken planned to use. The evil god held up his blade arm as he approached the monstrosity from the Underworld.

Irys thrust forward, and the Kraken opened his maw.

(Music stops)

The blade arm went into the mouth of the Kraken, who bit down on it. There was a slight cracking at the sight of the bite to Irys' arm.

Irys was halted for one second, before he stabbed through the Kraken's neck. The Kraken roared in agony and Iry's retracted his arm.

(Cue Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys- Roaring Flame)

The Kraken stumbled about, blood dripping mouth from the wound in the neck. Irys bellow its eerie call, and wrapped its tentacles around the arms of the Kraken, and flung Hades' child into the sea.

Irys' tentacles pulled back as the Kraken collapsed, and speared the creature in the chest. The Kraken roared out in pain, gurgling through the water.

Irys' tentacles positioned, and Irys' tentaclancers fired out another set of Supersonic Scalpels, lasering off the Kraken's head.

(Music stops)

Irys bellowed, and kicked off as it searched for its host. The Greek gods were in shock at the sight of the Kraken’s defeat.



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