I'm Sinnovalos. I'm (at time of writing) getting my butt handed to me by Coronavirus in regards to work, so this is my hobby rekindled. I didn't feel like I left on my terms and I want to put that right with a revival season, and hopefully more to follow.

As of 18th April 2020, I have regained my status as admin. I hope to do the site proud, and rival Zack as both writer and leader! Or... maybe as a writer only. I dunno xD.

Keep an eye out for the Sinnovalos revival season, coming soon!

Defining moment

DISCLAIMER: Getting this out of the way right now, there will be a lot of the same series being used in these battles. Fire Emblem (Fates), Akame ga Kill, Fairy Tail, RWBY will all be massive parts of my series structure. That said, I won't spam individual characters as much as other users might do...

My Battles:

Season R:

  1. Liver VS Juvia (Akame ga Kill VS Fairy Tail)
  2. Hinoka VS Daisy (Fire Emblem VS Mario)
  3. Suzuka VS Widowmaker (Akame ga Kill VS Overwatch)
  4. Jaune VS Sakura (RWBY VS Fire Emblem)
  5. Tank VS Iron Golem (Left 4 Dead VS Minecraft)
  6. Syura VS Tyrian (Akame ga Kill VS RWBY)
  7. Yoda VS Palutena (Star Wars VS Kid Icarus)
  8. Takumi VS Luigi (Fire Emblem VS Mario)
  9. Lucy VS Kurome (Fairy Tail VS Akame ga Kill)
  10. Esdeath VS Darth Maul (Akame ga Kill VS Star Wars)
  11. Impostor VS Chelsea (Among Us VS Akame ga Kill)
  12. Natsu VS Cinder (Fairy Tail VS RWBY)
  13. Infinite VS Android 21 (Sonic VS Dragon Ball)
  14. Demoman VS Junkrat (Team Fortress VS Overwatch)
  15. (Zelda VS Fire Emblem)

Season 1 Bonuses:

Season 2:

  1. (Transformers VS Metroid)
  2. (Overwatch VS Mario)
  3. (Fairy Tail VS King of Fighters)
  4. (Fire Emblem VS Avatar)
  5. (RWBY VS DC)
  6. (Sonic VS Minecraft)
  7. (Team Fortress VS Metal Gear)
  8. (Avatar VS DC)
  9. (Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat)
  10. (Minecraft VS Team Fortress)
  11. (Fire Emblem VS Fair Tail)
  12. (Mario VS Kirby)
  13. (RWBY VS Sonic)
  14. (Fire Emblem VS Zelda)
  15. (Digimon VS Star Fox)

Season 2 Bonuses:


  1. Phosphora vs Tapu Koko (Kid Icarus VS Pokemon) (w/ZackAttackX)
  2. Garnet vs. Carnage (Steven Universe VS Marvel) (w/Minecraftfan300)
  3. Lilac VS Shovel Knight (Freedom Planet VS Shovel Knight) (w/ZackAttackX)
  4. King Dedede vs Asgore Dreemurr (Kirby VS Undertale) (w/ZackAttackX)
  5. Heavy VS D.Va (Team Fortress VS Overwatch) (w/ZackAttackX)
  6. Lucina VS Azula (Fire Emblem VS Avatar) (w/ZackAttackX)
  7. Natsu vs Esdeath (Fairy Tail VS Akame ga Kill) (w/CrimsonAce01)
  8. Chris Redfield vs Soldier (Resident Evil VS Team Fortress) (w/Schwxnz)
  9. Engineer VS Batman (Team Fortress VS DC) (w/The Irish VS Writer)
  10. Yang VS Bane (RWBY VS DC) (w/The Irish VS Writer)
  11. Mace Windu VS Esdeath (Star Wars VS Akame ga Kill) (w/ZackAttackX)
  12. Jolyne VS Lubbock (JoJo's Bizzare Adventure VS Akame ga Kill) (w/The Irish VS Writer)
  13. Luigi vs Fluttershy (Mario VS MLP) (w/ZackAttackX)
  14. Roman VS Run (RWBY VS Akame ga Kill) (w/ZackAttackX)
  15. Esdeath VS Scout (Akame ga Kill VS Team Fortress) (w/The Irish VS Writer)
  16. Winter Schnee VS Count Dooku (RWBY VS Star Wars) (w/ZackAttackX)
  17. Seryu Ubiquitous vs Adam Taurus (Akame ga Kill VS RWBY) (w/ZackAttackX)
  18. Lubbock VS Luigi (Akame ga Kill VS Mario) (w/ZackAttackX & w/The Irish VS Writer)
  19. Kurome VS Neopolitan (Akame ga Kill VS RWBY) (w/ZackAttackX)
  20. Neopolitan vs Peach (RWBY VS Mario) (w/Maisy929)
  21. Daisy vs Leone (Mario VS Akame ga Kill) (w/Maisy929)
  22. Gray VS Wave (Fairy Tail VS Akame ga Kill) (w/ZackAttackX)
  23. Genos VS Seryu (One Punch Man VS Akame ga Kill) (w/The Irish VS Writer)
  24. Amber VS Poison Ivy (RWBY VS DC) (w/Maisy929)
  25. Cynthia Vs Red (Pokemon VS Pokemon) (w/CrimsonAce01)
  26. Terry vs Lucario (King of Fighters VS Pokemon) (w/ZackAttackX)
  27. Juri Han Vs Spider-Man (Street Fighter VS Marvel) (w/CrimsonAce01)
  28. Wave vs Meta Knight (Akame ga Kill vs Kirby) (w/CobraMario64)
  29. Emerald vs Esdeath (RWBY vs Akame ga Kill) (w/CobraMario64)

Collab Partner Counter:

  • ZackAttackX: 14
  • The Irish VS Writer: 5
  • Schwxnz: 1
  • Maisy929: 3
  • CrimsonAce01: 3
  • Minecraftfan300: 1
  • CobraMario64: 2

Blade Gauntlet - Cancelled.

  1. Meta Knight VS Shulk (Kirby VS Xenoblade Chronicles)
  2. Meta Knight VS Steve (Kirby VS Minecraft)
  3. Esdeath VS Steve (Akame ga Kill VS Minecraft)
  4. Esdeath VS Shovel Knight (Akame ga Kill VS Shovel Knight)
  5. Esdeath VS Asuna (Akame ga Kill VS Sword Art Online)
  6. Esdeath VS Chrom (Akame ga Kill VS Fire Emblem)
  7. Anakin VS Chrom (Star Wars VS Fire Emblem)
  8. Anakin VS Weiss (Star Wars VS RWBY)


Adopted Series:

As of the end of Season 3, I will also be bringing back my Adopted Series. These battles bare none of the conditions as my main series matches and the previous battles adopted (such as Seryu and Koro VS Finn and Jake) will not be counted in this series.

  1. Akame Vs Soldier 76 (Akame ga Kill VS Overwatch)
  2. Shadow vs Goku (Sonic vs Dragon Ball)
  3. Lucina vs Batman (Fire Emblem vs DC)
  4. Akame VS Ruby Rose (Akame ga Kill VS RWBY)
  5. Master Roshi vs Tracer (Dragon Ball VS Overwatch)
  6. Bowser vs Ganondorf vs King Dedede (Mario VS Zelda VS Kirby)
  7. Ruby Rose vs Tracer (RWBY VS Overwatch)

Season Trailers:

Made for me by ZackAttackX!

Season 1:


Sinnovalos DBX Season 1

Season 2:


Sinnovalos Season 2

Season 3:


Sinnovalos DBX Season 3

Season 4:


Sinnovalos DBX Season 4

Original Character

SIDE NOTE: I don't have a character design. Picture a regular, long haired guy in a hoodie. (K' has been my avatar tbh)

SIDE NOTE 2: No, I would rather not let people use Peep in battles until I have finished his story.

  • Name: Peep
  • Age: 21
  • Species: Human
  • Power: Cryokinesis

Back Story:

  • After harnessing the negative emotions in his life, Peep overcame them in the shape of cryokinetic powers. He serves alongside Zack as an admin on DBX and was revealed as a good friend to Zomboi as well.
    • At a time, Peep felt the Wiki needed to be changed from the inside and began plotting a perfect admin regime, giving a piece of himself and Zack to a new creation - BlackAttackX - devoid of emotion and personality.
    • He emerged as an enemy to his old friend after leaving the wiki for months, and attacked him - throwing the initial fight against Zack to trick him into providing DNA and fighting styles. The Peep that initially fell was a proxy, and Peep used what he learned to empower Black.
    • Naturally, this lead to a second match, this time with Zomboi returning to try and restore a method of peace. In the waning moments of the battle, Black revealed himself and betrayed his creator, attacking Peep and leaving the town to draw Zack into their fated battle. At present, Peep is in Zomboi's care while the two look to formulate a plan in Zack's absence.
  • Peep harnessed cryokinesis and looked to develop fighting styles after learning about characters such as Kula Diamond and General Esdeath, who both used their ice powers in numerous ways. Peep often styles himself after these two in a hybrid style, using Kula's martial skill and off skills like ice breath, but Esdeath's efficiency with the sword.

Weapons and Technique:

  • Limited by only his imagination, Peep generally speaking can make most weapons he likes out of ice.
    • Swords: Peep can create any variation of swords. He typically prefers the rapier style, paying homage to Esdeath, Weiss and Count Dooku as a duellist. But he can generate broadswords, katanas, shurikens, daggers, sais and axes as means of throwing off his enemy. Peep will never generate a weapon he isn't comfortable using however.
    • Bows: A bow, complete with arrows, made purely of ice.
    • Matter Blasters: Acquired from a dangerous user defeated many years ago, Peep found these pistol like weapons in the deeper layers of the Wiki. They fire energy blasts of various strengths. At their strongest, they can thump through buildings of stone and threaten the durability of powerhouses such as Zomboi. At weakest, they have a more regular fire power, and can barely punch through regular construction grade materials.
    • Weather Manipulation: Peep can generate a storm and can change the temperature of the battlefield to seriously below zero. The catch is, Peep isn't unaffected; though resistant he has never mastered sheer cold immunity to this point.
    • Martial Skill: Peep is... not a talented martial artists, but can use his cryokinesis to compensate where technique fails.
      • Crow Bite: Stolen from watching Kula Diamond. Peep is not as strong as her when using the move and doesn't call it the Crow Bite as often.
      • Typical of him to lead with kicks rather than punches.
      • He can physically go blow for blow with Zack, though Zack is the more nimble of the pair. He can engage Zomboi physically, but only for a shorter duration as Zomboi's abilities are largely centred around brawling.
    • Ice Armour: Peep thinks Wave's Grand Chariot is sexy, and tries to mimic it with an icy suit of armour - this came after his loss and betrayal by Black as he wanted to improve his defence.
    • New Form: Peep has struggled to develop new forms, and as such, chooses to remain the way he is.
    • Recycled Ice: Peep can manipulate steam and water if they were created by his ice in the first place, like when Ella Mental melted his ice spears and Peep still used the puddles to assault her.


  • Held off Zack and Zomboi for a large period of time, in battles that raged over an entire city, even without the intention to win.
  • Took blows from Zomboi regularly, who is the decidely strongest of the three fighters.
  • Survived being an Everton fan since 2003.
  • Survived being shot, stabbed and then frozen by Black.
  • Effortlessly swatted aside several security officers while also trying to concentrate on Zack.
  • Succeeded in creating BlackAttackX.
  • Trained Black.
  • Out duelled Zack.
  • Physically slammed through several buildings.
  • Can shatter frozen trees in a single strike, leaving nothing of the original structure behind.
  • Defeated Ella Mental - albeit, while she was weakened, but still a foe considered to be on par with, if not slightly more applied than Zack Mental.


  • It is never clear if he could beat Zack or Zomboi one on one at full strength.
  • Ultimately got wrecked by Black.
  • Is not immune to his own powers, and has yet to master Cold Blood technique and adaptability.
  • As a martial artist, he tries to use his height at the main source of advantage. This means his kicks are usually off target and weaker as he goes for kicks from a farther distance than needed.
  • Is very competitive and petty. This means he will go for pointless moves to try and put one over on his enemy.
  • Weaker physically than Zomboi.
  • Slower than Zack.
  • Despite having a wide variety of moves and attacks, he is not quite as widely versatile as Zack.

Misc Stats:

  • Intelligence: Medium - knowledgable of his own skills and assets but fairly average everywhere else.
  • Personality: Competitive, Inferiority Complex.
  • Speed: Fairly Superhuman thanks to flight powers, but established as slower than Zack.
  • Strength:
    • Lifting: Average, never needed to display such feats.
    • Striking: With weapons, can see off stone buildings and some variations of metal plating.
    • Durability: Can survive beat downs from absolute units such as Zomboi.

Other Stuff

  • Likes:
    • Thought through plans and characters.
    • Rock Music
    • Everton
    • Sword play
    • Ice
    • Winter
    • Proving himself.
    • Various animals and nature.
  • Dislikes:
    • Intentionally OP Characters and skills that serve no purpose other than "I have to be the best"
    • Fire manipulation
    • Electricity manipulation
    • Liverpool FC
    • Being defeated by a self set rival.
    • Not being taken seriously.
    • Hypocrisy.
    • Having words put into his mouth.
    • Abuse of power and status.
    • Bland Waifu choices. How many dudes do you see with Leone, Esdeath, Yang, Ryuko, Camilla and Shantae? Zzzzz.
    • Rehashes and reruns.
    • Recycled ideas.

Oh, Professor Palutena - what is your guidance?

Professor Palutena.jpg
  1. "Don't dangle a carrot if you're scared the donkey might get it."
  2. "It is possible to not get outraged that someone sees the world differently to you."
  3. "If you throw the toys out of the pram one more time, I will throw you out the pram and run you over with it."
  4. "If you're going to be upset that something doesn't work, why did you smash it to bits in the first place?"
  5. "Anything sounds intelligent if you adjsut your glasses as you say it."
  6. "How can you become so enraged about 8 Fire Emblem Characters in Smash, but be totally fine with 21 Mario characters? And still demand Paper Mario, Waluigi and Geno? Yeesh. And don't think the Pokemon fans are getting away with that one either; we have 10 and you still want Grovyle, Blaziken and Galar starters?
  7. "Clap for the NHS... While standing outside... Without masks... At inappropriately close distances. Celebrate them by going totally against their instructions."
  8. "You destroyed the place, and then you came back as if your return was triumphant. That makes you an egotistical troll, not a hero. Get all the way fucked."
  9. "If you're gonna insinuate someone is toxic, maybe don't then spit venom at innocent bystanders."
  10. "I hate this series SOOOOO much that all I will ever talk about is that series. I mean, really? You hate Fortnite, but love Minecraft - yet the only thing you ever talk about is Fortnite! Is that how boring Minecraft is now?"
  11. "Stop approaching debates with an 'I can't be wrong' approach, because then you get people's backs up and it becomes a fight about a fight."
  12. "Don't do unto others that which you are afraid to have done to yourself."
  13. "Not liking something or someone does not equate to hating them. Can you seriously live being so polarising when it comes to opinions on others? That would mean you hate someone before you even met them for the first time - it is not a good way to live."
  14. "Just think of the hundreds more stories to be told with the same eight characters and four locations. The possibilities are limitless!"
  15. "You don't get to act high and mighty, and act like other people are being unreasonable when you took away something everyone liked and was happy to use in favour of something totally impractical. That makes you a selfish bellend and the fact that you snobbishly reply to criticism with essentially 'tough shit' makes you a total wanker. You changed something for EVERYONE based on what SOME wanted, and then lied about saying it was a MAJORITY that wanted it. Excuse me, but the thousands of complaints would contradict that. So yeah, TL;DR - Don't be surprised when people get pissed about you changing something that didn't need changing."

Favourite Series - and Favourite Characters from them.

Akame ga Kill!


Kid Icarus

Left 4 Dead

Fire Emblem

  • Leo

Legend of Zelda

Super Smash Bros.

(Smash Mains)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Mario Bros.

Star Wars


Team Fortress


Dragon Ball

Five Nights At Freddy's

  • Golden Freddy

King of Fighters

Street Fighter

The Walking Dead

  • The Governor

Dead Rising

Fairy Tail

Favourite Characters to write:

  • Kurome (Easily the best AGK character for me to write. Great character with good motives to make for a good story. Versatile thanks to her puppets and love swordfighters in general. That said, no one actually cares about her battles despite her being in two of my best ever battles. (Weiss Schnee on Death Battle and Blake Belladonna here.)
  • Adam Taurus (Just because RWBY wrote him inconsistently doesn't mean I will!)
  • Esdeath (Okay, I love writing her ice powers and skill, but she is so overused. And no one actually appreciates the effort in her battles, just as long as she wins... -____-)
  • Tracer (Run and Shoot. That easy.)
  • Shadow (Badass. Deep moments, high pace, great power and easy stories to write.)
  • Bowser (Powerhouse, evil, pretty bland and predictable character so I manage quite well.)
  • Yang (A fighting style as one dimensional as her character. Essentially Miss Reliable when it comes to a brawl. No I do not hate her, despite what the sweat fiends suggest... She loses as she is essentially A: A friendly meme to me and B: A gatekeeper character for others in her category. "OoOhH pEeP iS tOxIc".)
  • Batman (Lots of tools and simple character to write. Another friendly meme to me who is Mr Reliable. He and Yang are essentially like veterans who welcome in different styles against one another. As a WWE fan this makes sense to me - they're like Dolph Ziggler - who loses to newcomers ALL the time. No malice, just pure and simple dependability.)
  • Pit (Wide weapon variety. Fun and cool character with plenty of good campaign chapters to call on. Easily the best Nintendo protagonist to write because of how he combines all those aspects. He also comes from an underrated series and relatively unknown one too - until people who saw his dialogue in Smash 4 pretended they knew him all along - so it always feels good to give him exposure. Oh, and the items and powers available in Uprising make his diversity just that bit more evident.)
  • Dark Pit (Same as above in terms of diversity, but his character is much more snarky. His meaner streak means I can write him not holding back at all and he can muscle his way through equally diverse foes. Or lose to them like he did against Shadow xD.)

Banned Characters - Previval

As if it has come to this...

  1. Esdeath (Akame ga Kill) Well, who didn't f*****g see that one coming? Now, I like Esdeath a lot, you already know that. But when I returned I wanted to try and be fresh with the characters I used. Instead, I let myself get fooled, tricked and swayed into using her time and time again. Her fights no longer feel special and I am done trying to justify why she did win, didn't win, will appear, will not appear in the future. I don't enjoy debating her, and no matter the effort in the fight - now more than ever - people just seem to scroll to the bottom line to decide what they think of her matches. This goes for all formats too, I'm done with her. (Aside from finishing the Jaegers Battle Royal, lol).
  2. Salem (RWBY) We've only seen her fight in flashbacks, and more to the point, we only saw her use mostly single attacks that I can't build a DBX around. This might get lifted if she does anything in Volume 8, but we shall see. (Sucks, because I love her Voice Actor. The best character she played was Zoey, from Left 4 Dead which is weird to think about.)
  3. Champ (Akame ga Kill) I am not doing it. Everything about this character makes my skin crawl. I love dark characters and I love setting dark tones, but I can't manage on this site without the police kicking the door in. He is an abomination against humanity. (Devil's Advocate: The Manga did really well to get me invested in this villain and wanting him dead. Even if I wanted to puke the entire time).
  4. Luigi (Mario Bros.) Wow... Does he get spammed or what? And all his battles feel EXACTLY the same. He no longer feels that special to write and even if I were to use him now it'd feel like I was just trying to copy one person who uses him religiously. Aside from all that, his character can not maintain a story or arc - hence why all his battles get a bit more stale every time (no offence most Luigi users). I know I have used him twice myself, but his getting spammed is RIDICULOUS.

Favourite Writers:

  • LOL! No way. What, did you think I was seriously going to do this? I know for a fact that if I don't list certain people on this list, their fragile ego will break and I'll be getting interrogated about why I 'hate' other users.

Old Battles (Pre September 2020)

Season 1:

  1. Tatsumi VS Cloud (Akame ga Kill VS Final Fantasy)
  2. Bowser Jr VS Zelda (Mario VS Zelda)
  3. Kirito VS Black Knight (Sword Art Online VS Fire Emblem)
  4. Mine VS Ruby (Akame ga Kill VS RWBY)
  5. Kirby VS Eevee (Kirby VS Pokemon)
  6. Sombra VS Spy (Overwatch VS Team Fortress)
  7. Lubbock VS Sokka (Akame ga Kill VS Avatar)
  8. Kanade VS Sephiroth (Angel Beats VS Final Fantasy)
  9. Charizard VS Corrin (Pokemon VS Fire Emblem)
  10. Bane VS Akuma (DC VS Street Fighter)
  11. Shoto VS Weiss (My Hero Academia VS RWBY)
  12. Tails VS Isabelle (Sonic VS Animal Crossing)
  13. D.Va VS Master Chief (Overwatch VS Halo)
  14. Esdeath VS Kula (Akame ga Kill VS King of Fighters)
  15. Superman VS Ganondorf (DC VS Zelda)

Season 2:

  1. Pyro VS Reaper (Team Fortress VS Overwatch)
  2. Katara VS Yang (Avatar VS RWBY)
  3. Wave VS Doctor Doom (Akame ga Kill VS Marvel)
  4. Gordon VS Inkling (Half Life VS Splatoon)
  5. Peri VS Cardin (Fire Emblem VS RWBY)
  6. Tracer VS Heavy (Overwatch VS Team Fortress)
  7. Seryu and Koro VS Finn and Jake (Akame ga Kill VS Adventure Time)
  8. Phosphora VS Peach (Kid Icarus VS Mario)
  9. Zuko VS Adam Taurus (Avatar VS RWBY)
  10. Donatello VS Engineer (TMNT VS Team Fortress)
  11. Piccolo VS Supergirl (Dragon Ball VS DC)
  12. Juri VS Neo (Street Fighter VS RWBY)
  13. Robin VS Korra (Fire Emblem VS Avatar)
  14. Bayonetta VS Dracula (Bayonetta VS Castlevania)
  15. Kurome VS Blake (Akame ga Kill VS RWBY)

Season 3:

  1. Flash VS Mario (DC VS Mario)
  2. Vanitas VS Dark Link (Kingdom Hearts VS Zelda)
  3. Gohan VS Aang (Dragon Ball VS Avatar)
  4. Cynthia VS Lucy (Pokemon VS Fairy Tail)
  5. Shiina VS Chelsea (Angel Beats VS Akame ga Kill)
  6. Camilla VS Azula (Fire Emblem VS Avatar)
  7. Riku VS Dark Pit (Kingdom Hearts VS Kid Icarus)
  8. Miss Pauling VS Zoey (Team Fortress VS Left 4 Dead)
  9. Captain Marvel VS Rosalina (Marvel VS Mario)
  10. Harley Quinn VS Sheele (DC VS Akame ga Kill)
  11. Beruka VS Toad (Fire Emblem VS Mario)
  12. Velvet VS Mega Man (RWBY VS Mega Man)
  13. Iron Man VS Poison Ivy (Marvel VS DC)
  14. Sandman VS Toph (Marvel VS Avatar)
  15. Pyrrha VS Run (RWBY VS Akame ga Kill)

Season 3.5:

  1. Bulat VS Undyne (Akame ga Kill VS Undertale)

Bonus Battles

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