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'Sup? I'm ZackAttackX, performer of arts, writer of battles, and consumer of confectionery! As an admin, please feel free to message me if you have any concerns!

No, the "upgrade" to UCP and new format isn't my doing.

Zack Facts

  • I'm from England
  • I studied AS Media Studies, A Level Drama and Theatre Studies, and BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts at college
  • Notable acting roles (Bold means favourites)
    • Buttons in Cinders
    • Local lad in Edith's Wartime Scrapbook
    • Narrator/radio interviewer in Little Shop of Horrors
    • Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol
    • Les in East
    • Narrator in Every Pantomime in Under 15 Minutes
    • Desmond in A Small Family Business
    • Ariel in The Pillowman
    • John Tate/Adam in DNA
    • Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream
    • Jim in Chatroom
    • Unnamed characters in Pool, No Water
    • Mesmero in Super Dead Man
    • Loser in Life
  • I'm a dubs over subs kinda guy
  • I played as a goalkeeper for my high school football team
  • I only know a few series, but I aim to keep my fights fresh
  • Peep4Life/Sinnovalos and PillsburyZomboi are my homies
  • Got a C in GCSE Spanish (¿Qué pasa, perras?)
    • Like seriously, I had a team of high 80 / low 90 rated players, and I STILL lost 2-0!
    • And don't get me started with Middlesbrough, Leeds, or Brighton! Come on, EA, sort out your simulations!
  • I cannot decide who my main is in SSBU - I kinda alternate between Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Mii Gunner, Mii Brawler, and Terry.
  • I am getting pretty tired of regurgitating the rules to people, so here's another link to the Rules and Guidelines page, just in case you somehow missed it


I get asked these questions quite a lot, so I'll answer them quickly here.

  • Can you make a thumbnail for my matchup?
    • Sorry, I'm not a thumbnail maker for hire. There are many other users that are very willing to make them for you though, so feel free to ask them!
  • What do you use to make a thumbnail?
    • I use Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Can you write _____ vs _____?
    • I'm afraid it is very rare for me to take battle requests, as most of the time, they consist of characters I either don't know, or have no interest in using. There is nothing stopping you from creating the battle though!
  • How do you make (long) battles?
    • Oh boy, there's a lot to talk about here so I'll try to keep it brief. There are a few factors that play into the length of my battles. Some of those factors include:
      1. The number of combatants (Battle royales and team matches tend to be longer)
      2. My own comfort in writing each character in a fight (Battles like Mario vs Goku and Shadow vs Sunset Shimmer for example are between characters that I felt comfortable in my ability to write in a battle scenario)
      3. How well each combatant's styles match up (Using Mario vs Goku as an example again, combining Mario's versatility in his power-ups with Goku's ability to prolong the battle with multiple forms lead to the battle being drawn out for a longer period of time)
      4. The narrative (I tend to find that if there is an overarching narrative to my battle that I get to explore, the fights themselves extend in length)
      5. My own investment in the fight (Obviously, if I'm really into a specific battle, I'm willing to spend more time on it than others)
        • Now, since Sonic vs Bowser was able to fit all of these criteria, it quickly became my longest battle. I mean, after the opening sequence was finished, it was already my 50th longest battle! But as the quote goes, quality over quantity. You shouldn't feel pressured into writing a marathon battle each time you go to write a fight. When writing long-winded battles, you run the risk of your work becoming repetitive and stale, which is a problem I encounter a fair bit. I've been trying recently to aim for at least 500 words for my fights - a nice round number to aim for, enough time for a decent narrative and enough time to explore each character's styles, weapons, techniques, and the like to come up with an intriguing battle. My advice would be this: if you feel as though your battle is becoming repetitive and samey, that's when you look to wrap things up.
  • Are you a ______ fan?
    • Check the heading named Favourite Franchises To Write. I give a brief explanation as to why I use certain series as often as I do.
  • Can I use your OC in a battle?
    • His story is still in development, so he's off limits to the public as of now.
  • How did you become an admin?
  • How do I become an admin?
    • Chances are, when Sinn and myself eventually step down, there'll be another one of these. As of now, we aren't looking to recruit more.
  • Are you leaving?
    • No
  • When are you leaving?
    • I don't know

My Battles

Volume 1

DBX V1 Roster.png
  1. Mewtwo vs Frieza
  2. Blake Belladonna vs Dark Pit
  3. Goku vs Sonic
  4. Batman vs Shadow
  5. Iron Man vs Jango Fett
  6. Isaac Clarke vs Gordon Freeman
  7. Lilac vs Spyro
  8. Blaze vs Azula
  9. Lucario vs Renamon
  10. Mewtwo vs Vegeta
  11. The Survivors vs The Z Fighters
  12. Silver vs M. Bison
  13. King Ross vs King Harkinian
  14. Ellis vs The Scout
  15. Roman Torchwick vs Tyrone King
  16. Arceus vs Beerus
  17. Bowser vs Lord Tirek
  18. Cell vs Metal Sonic
  19. Dust vs Zero
  20. Rowlet vs Hoppip
  21. Amy Rose vs Ayano Aishi
  22. Wario vs Rouge
  23. Shadow vs Sunset Shimmer
  24. Venusaur vs Audrey II
  25. Tails vs Carol Tea

Volume 2

DBX V2 Roster.png
  1. Trunks vs Celebi
  2. Yang vs Renamon
  3. Pit vs Cloud
  4. Slenderman vs Freddy Fazbear
  5. Lopunny vs Tsareena
  6. Link vs Zoro
  7. Bill Overbeck vs The Soldier
  8. Giratina vs Hades
  9. Roserade vs Rosemon
  10. After School Tea Time vs The Rainbooms
  11. Captain Falcon vs Saitama
  12. Wario vs Dark Pit
  13. Tatsumi vs Dust
  14. Ayano Aishi vs Bart Simpson
  15. Mewtwo vs Darth Vader
  16. Luigi vs Ken Masters
  17. Sonic vs The Flash
  18. Esdeath vs General Gaius
  19. Bowser vs King Dedede
  20. Knuckles vs Piccolo
  21. Alain vs Paul
  22. The Spy vs Chelsea
  23. Literature Club Battle Royale
  24. Kula vs Yang
  25. Mario vs Goku

Volume 3

DBX V3 Roster.png
  1. Mallow vs El Fuerte
  2. Matt Hardy vs Monika
  3. Sora vs Akame
  4. Luna vs Darkrai
  5. Vegeta vs Meta Knight
  6. Luigi vs Knuckles
  7. Mega Man vs Blue Beetle
  8. Noire vs Shadow
  9. Ellis vs Frank West
  10. Jin Kisaragi vs Kula Diamond
  11. Braixen vs Renamon
  12. Batman vs Espio
  13. Mario vs Fox
  14. Dust vs Shovel Knight
  15. Samus Aran vs Gordon Freeman
  16. Donkey Kong vs Infernape
  17. Ryu vs Terry
  18. Diancie vs Peach
  19. Zero vs Fulgore
  20. Sonic vs Burter
  21. Lubbock vs Spider-Man
  22. Raphael vs Lie Ren
  23. Deathstroke vs Cad Bane
  24. Captain Falcon vs Ganondorf
  25. Ace vs Yang

Volume 4

DBX V4 Roster.png
  1. Dark Link vs Dark Pit
  2. Sora vs Klefki
  3. Steve vs Kirito
  4. Carol Tea vs Yoshi
  5. Eeveelution Battle Royale
  6. Lucy vs Starkiller
  7. Francis vs Chuck
  8. Metal Sonic vs Bowser
  9. Blanka vs Beast
  10. Pikachu vs Pac-Man
  11. Ryu vs Genji
  12. Michelangelo vs Freddy Fazbear
  13. Akame vs Boba Fett
  14. Dialga vs Silver
  15. Lilac vs Shantae
  16. Zer0 vs Raiden
  17. Diancie vs Rouge
  18. Twilight vs Tails
  19. Blake vs Greninja
  20. Mario vs Samus
  21. Monika vs Baldi
  22. Mine vs Sniper
  23. Chris Redfield vs Bill Overbeck
  24. Kula vs Vanilluxe
  25. Dust vs Meta Knight

Volume 5

DBX V5 Roster-0.png
  1. Shadow vs Alex Mercer
  2. K' vs Yang
  3. Funky Kong vs Daisy
  4. Wonder Woman vs Erza Scarlet
  5. Metal Sonic vs Magearna
  6. Lucina vs Dust
  7. Little Mac vs Hitmonchan
  8. Amy Rose vs Shao Kahn
  9. Shana vs Elesis
  10. Akame vs Ryuko Matoi
  11. Fuse vs Infinite
  12. Inkling vs Mario
  13. Kirby vs Mew
  14. Fu vs Uni
  15. Rosalina vs Gardevoir
  16. Kanade vs Phosphora
  17. Kula vs Glacius
  18. Naruto vs Sora
  19. Pit vs Tatsumi
  20. Shiina vs Ren
  21. Celestia vs Solgaleo
  22. Flash vs Hulk
  23. Goku Black vs Dark Pit
  24. Vito vs Bill
  25. Sonic vs Superman

Volume 6

DBX V6 Roster 4.png
  1. Zam Wesell vs Hunter J
  2. Chun-Li vs Snake Jailbird
  3. K' vs Alex Mercer
  4. Sonic.exe vs Herobrine
  5. King Dedede vs Queen Chrysalis
  6. Mimikyu vs Kurome
  7. Samus vs Tracer
  8. Qrow vs Obi-Wan
  9. Ganondorf vs Ness
  10. Ben 10 vs Red
  11. Fox vs Marth
  12. Milla vs Sticks
  13. Pikachu vs Eevee
  14. Severus Snape vs Count Dooku
  15. Trunks vs Mega Man X
  16. Bill vs Spy
  17. Captain Toad vs Rarity
  18. Leone vs Zeraora
  19. Steve vs Demoman
  20. Ike vs Link
  21. Silvally vs Kula
  22. Mercury vs Rouge
  23. Soldier vs Rex
  24. Coach vs Baldi
  25. Dust vs Shadow

Volume 7

DBX V7 Roster.png
  1. Godzilla vs Groudon
  2. Penny vs Jenny
  3. Pre Vizsla vs Esdeath
  4. Kirby vs Jigglypuff
  5. Adam MacIntyre vs Harley Quinn
  6. Inkling vs Scout
  7. Shadow vs BlackWarGreymon
  8. Captain Price vs Sam Fisher
  9. Akame vs Adam Taurus
  10. Tigress vs Incineroar
  11. Omega vs Zero
  12. Nick vs Chuck
  13. Vegeta vs Daisy
  14. Shantae vs Ika Musume
  15. Mewtwo vs Ermac
  16. Amy vs Ruby
  17. Jango vs Gordon
  18. Mario vs Batman
  19. Engineer vs Ellis
  20. Braixen vs Tails
  21. Dust vs Weiss
  22. Bane vs Zangief
  23. Frieza vs Bowser
  24. Dark Pit vs Starkiller
  25. Grovyle vs Silver

Volume 8

DBX V8 Lineup 2.png
  1. Sans vs Yang
  2. Frank West vs Shinobu Sarutobi
  3. Kitana vs Suki
  4. Captain Falcon vs Rainbow Dash
  5. Shadow vs Zoroark
  6. James Bond vs The Spy
  7. Raiden vs Darth Vader
  8. Lord Tirek vs Necrozma
  9. Big vs Donkey Kong
  10. Luke vs Sora
  11. Falco vs Proto Man
  12. Lucy vs Weiss
  13. Bizarro vs Majin Buu
  14. Knuckles vs Tapu Bulu
  15. Dark Samus vs Dark Link
  16. Maka vs Dust
  17. Harley Quinn vs Tyrian Callows
  18. Lucario vs Toph
  19. Wolverine vs Leone
  20. Zelda vs Blaze
  21. Iron Fist vs Ryu
  22. Boba Fett vs Robocop
  23. Leonardo vs Jaune
  24. Thor vs Beerus
  25. Ash vs Mario

Volume 9

DBX V9 Lineup.png
  1. Diancie vs Bowser Jr.
  2. Banjo and Kazooie vs Yooka and Laylee
  3. Vegeta vs Luigi
  4. Nessa vs Misty
  5. Oslo El Gustave vs Anakin Skywalker
  6. Undyne vs Pit
  7. Katara vs Juvia
  8. Bane vs The Thing
  9. Zoey vs Saeko
  10. Esdeath vs Dust
  11. All Might vs He-Man
  12. Inteleon vs Espio
  13. Takumi vs Kung Jin
  14. Sonic vs Bowser
  15. Ragna vs Akame
  16. Chris Redfield vs Adrian Shephard
  17. Mettaton vs Meloetta
  18. Meta Knight vs Erza Scarlet
  19. Frank vs Jason
  20. Cad Bane vs Erron Black
  21. Jessie and James vs Wario and Waluigi
  22. Jin vs Gray
  23. Shovel Knight vs Steve
  24. Lilac vs Charizard
  25. Chun-Li vs Sonya Blade

Volume 10

*Side note: Rosters and intros end here*

  1. Dust vs Wave
  2. SSBU Fighters Pass Battle Royale
  3. Rainbow Dash vs Ho-Oh
  4. Kakashi vs Xander
  5. Jonesy vs Soldier
  6. Yoshi vs Sceptile
  7. Knuckles vs Natsu
  8. Yang vs Blaziken
  9. Ayano Aishi vs Impostor
  10. Elfman vs Leone
  11. Leo vs Luigi
  12. Sephiroth vs Dark Pit
  13. Jenny Wakeman vs Mega Man
  14. Rosalina vs Samus
  15. Erza Scarlet vs Mace Windu
  16. Shadow vs Frieza (WIP)
  17. TBA vs TBA
  18. TBA vs TBA
  19. TBA vs TBA
  20. TBA vs TBA
  21. TBA vs TBA
  22. TBA vs TBA
  23. TBA vs TBA
  24. TBA vs TBA
  25. TBA vs TBA

To Come (in no particular order)

Completed DBX Fights by word count

Side note: I will not be including collabs, tournament fights, DBX Rumble, or any of the Zack vs Peep vs Zomboi storyline fights here. However, bonus episodes that are not collabs will be counted.

Other side note: The word count consists of the pre-fight, fight, and post-fight sections. Music cues, stage directions, the HERE WE GO! and DBX! moments, and banter will not be counted. However onomatopoeia (e.g. BOOM!, SLASH!, CRASH!, etc) and character dialogue will be counted.

  1. Sonic vs Bowser (7777)
  2. Grovyle vs Silver (3862)
  3. Dust vs Meta Knight (3018)
  4. Ben 10 vs Red (2993)
  5. Rosemon vs Roserade (2083)
  6. Alain vs Paul (2005)
  7. Knuckles vs Natsu (1889)
  8. After School Tea Time vs The Rainbooms (1878)
  9. Shadow vs Sunset Shimmer (1875)
  10. Ash vs Mario (1823)
  11. Esdeath vs Zack Mental (1786)
  12. Sephiroth vs Dark Pit (1616)
  13. Venusaur vs Audrey II (1593)
  14. Jessie and James vs Wario and Waluigi (1565)
  15. Matt Hardy vs Monika (1477)
  16. Eeveelution Battle Royale (1460)
  17. Sonic vs Superman (1453)
  18. Mario vs Goku (1444)
  19. Literature Club Battle Royale (1389)
  20. Erza Scarlet vs Mace Windu (1338)
  21. Ellis vs The Scout (1255)
  22. Nessa vs Misty (1201)
  23. Bowser Jr. vs Diancie (1181)
  24. SSBU Fighters Pass Battle Royale (1176)
  25. Esdeath vs General Gaius (1115)
  26. Kula vs Yang (1113)
  27. Monika vs Baldi (1089)
  28. Dust vs Shadow (1078)
  29. Inkling vs Mario (1062)
  30. Mimikyu vs Kurome (1061)
  31. Leone vs Zeraora (1046)
  32. Captain Toad vs Rarity (1045)
  33. Sans vs Yang (1039)
  34. Lucy vs Weiss (1012)
  35. Sora vs Akame (1000)
  36. Coach vs Baldi (995)
  37. Mewtwo vs Frieza (982)
  38. Goku Black vs Dark Pit (975)
  39. Vegeta vs Meta Knight (960)
  40. King Ross vs King Harkinian (956)
  41. Noire vs Shadow (954)
  42. Pit vs Tatsumi (945)
  43. Zam Wesell vs Hunter J (937)
  44. Shana vs Elesis (934)
  45. The Survivors vs The Z-Fighters (928)
  46. Shadow vs Alex Mercer (923)
  47. King Dedede vs Queen Chrysalis (921)
  48. Esdeath vs Dust (909)
  49. Wario vs Rouge (905)
  50. Shadow vs BlackWarGreymon (895)
  51. Tatsumi vs Dust / Frank West vs Shinobu Sarutobi (893)
  52. Funky Kong vs Daisy / Jin vs Gray (889)
  53. Pre Vizsla vs Esdeath (879)
  54. Giratina vs Hades (876)
  55. Shadow vs Zoroark (875)
  56. K' vs Yang (865)
  57. Dialga vs Silver (862)
  58. Chun-Li vs Sonya Blade (861)
  59. Kakashi vs Xander (854)
  60. Jango vs Gordon (850)
  61. Dark Link vs Dark Pit (846)
  62. Elfman vs Leone (844)
  63. Qrow vs Obi-Wan / Amy vs Ruby (842)
  64. Harley Quinn vs Tyrian Callows (837)
  65. Silvally vs Kula (830)
  66. Thor vs Beerus (825)
  67. Akame vs Adam Taurus (821)
  68. Zoey vs Saeko (817)
  69. Yang vs Renamon (816)
  70. Rainbow Dash vs Ho-Oh (805)
  71. The Spy vs Chelsea (804)
  72. Metal Sonic vs Bowser (801)
  73. Mewtwo vs Darth Vader (795)
  74. Vito vs Bill (788)
  75. Tails vs Carol Tea (786)
  76. Frank vs Jason (785)
  77. Lubbock vs Spider-Man (779)
  78. Frieza vs Bowser (778)
  79. Ace vs Yang / Rosalina vs Samus (777)
  80. Pit vs Cloud (776)
  81. Jenny Wakeman vs Mega Man (775)
  82. Vegeta vs Daisy / Dust vs Wave (774)
  83. Mewtwo vs Vegeta / Lucina vs Dust (771)
  84. Ayano Aishi vs Impostor (768)
  85. Luna vs Darkrai (764)
  86. Sonic.exe vs Herobrine (761)
  87. Ellis vs Frank West / Luke vs Sora (757)
  88. Little Mac vs Hitmonchan (755)
  89. Roman Torchwick vs Tyrone King (754)
  90. Big vs Donkey Kong (752)
  91. All Might vs He-Man (751)
  92. Arceus vs Beerus (746)
  93. Naruto vs Sora (744)
  94. Godzilla vs Groudon (737)
  95. Dust vs Zero (733)
  96. Dust vs Weiss (732)
  97. Banjo and Kazooie vs Yooka and Laylee (731)
  98. Maka vs Dust (730)
  99. Mario vs Batman (728)
  100. Diancie vs Peach (727)
  101. Amy Rose vs Ayano Aishi / Celestia vs Solgaleo (724)
  102. Leonardo vs Jaune (723)
  103. Captain Falcon vs Ganondorf (713)
  104. Meta Knight vs Erza Scarlet (712)
  105. Ayano Aishi vs Bart Simpson / Lord Tirek vs Necrozma (710)
  106. Yoshi vs Sceptile (704)
  107. Twilight vs Tails (703)
  108. Jin Kisaragi vs Kula Diamond (702)
  109. Vegeta vs Luigi / Cad Bane vs Erron Black / Yang vs Blaziken (700)
  110. Lucario vs Toph (696)
  111. Cell vs Metal Sonic (694)
  112. Wonder Woman vs Erza Scarlet / Kirby vs Mew (692)
  113. James Bond vs The Spy (691)
  114. Mallow vs El Fuerte / Sonic vs Burter (688)
  115. Mega Man vs Blue Beetle (686)
  116. Boba Fett vs Robocop (685)
  117. Dust vs Shovel Knight / Ragna vs Akame (684)
  118. Ganondorf vs Ness (683)
  119. Bill Overbeck vs The Soldier (681)
  120. Leo vs Luigi (680)
  121. Chris Redfield vs Adrian Shephard (679)
  122. Bowser vs Lord Tirek / Milla vs Sticks (678)
  123. Fox vs Marth (677)
  124. Penny vs Jenny (675)
  125. Shiina vs Ren / Wolverine vs Leone (674)
  126. Kirby vs Jigglypuff / Bizarro vs Majin Buu (673)
  127. Mario vs Samus (672)
  128. Bill vs Spy (671)
  129. Akame vs Ryuko Matoi / Kanade vs Phosphora (670)
  130. Francis vs Chuck (669)
  131. Flash vs Hulk (668)
  132. Fu vs Uni (667)
  133. Ike vs Link (666)
  134. Undyne vs Pit (665)
  135. Bowser vs King Dedede (662)
  136. Inkling vs Scout (661)
  137. Captain Falcon vs Rainbow Dash (659)
  138. Lilac vs Charizard (658)
  139. Severus Snape vs Count Dooku / Trunks vs Mega Man X / Soldier vs Rex (654)
  140. Kula vs Glacius / Samus vs Tracer (652)
  141. Blake vs Greninja / Pikachu vs Eevee (650)
  142. Mercury vs Rouge (649)
  143. Mario vs Fox (647)
  144. Braixen vs Renamon / Mettaton vs Meloetta (646)
  145. Raiden vs Darth Vader (642)
  146. Donkey Kong vs Infernape (640)
  147. Nick vs Chuck / Katara vs Juvia (639)
  148. Tigress vs Incineroar (638)
  149. Diancie vs Rouge (637)
  150. Pikachu vs Pac-Man / Amy Rose vs Shao Kahn / Jonesy vs Soldier (636)
  151. Falco vs Proto Man (635)
  152. Bane vs Zangief (633)
  153. Raphael vs Lie Ren (631)
  154. Dark Pit vs Starkiller (629)
  155. Knuckles vs Tapu Bulu (628)
  156. Oslo El Gustave vs Anakin Skywalker (627)
  157. Shovel Knight vs Steve (626)
  158. Braixen vs Tails (622)
  159. Kula vs Vanilluxe (621)
  160. Kitana vs Suki (620)
  161. Wario vs Dark Pit / K' vs Alex Mercer (616)
  162. Bane vs The Thing (615)
  163. Adam Macintyre vs Harley Quinn (614)
  164. Chris Redfield vs Bill Overbeck / Fuse vs Infinite / Chun-Li vs Snake Jailbird (610)
  165. Luigi vs Ken Masters (609)
  166. Silver vs M. Bison (606)
  167. Trunks vs Celebi / Carol Tea vs Yoshi / Akame vs Boba Fett / Zelda vs Blaze (603)
  168. Metal Sonic vs Magearna (602)
  169. Shantae vs Ika Musume (601)
  170. Takumi vs Kung Jin (598)
  171. Ryu vs Terry (597)
  172. Steve vs Kirito (589)
  173. Link vs Zoro (588)
  174. Dark Samus vs Dark Link (586)
  175. Sora vs Klefki (584)
  176. Mine vs Sniper (581)
  177. Mewtwo vs Ermac (578)
  178. Steve vs Demoman (574)
  179. Knuckles vs Piccolo / Lucy vs Starkiller / Zer0 vs Raiden (568)
  180. Luigi vs Knuckles (567)
  181. Sonic vs The Flash (561)
  182. Michaelangelo vs Freddy Fazbear (551)
  183. Lilac vs Shantae (549)
  184. Blanka vs Beast (545)
  185. Rosalina vs Gardevoir (541)
  186. Iron Fist vs Ryu (537)
  187. Ryu vs Genji (536)
  188. Lilac vs Spyro (534)
  189. Inteleon vs Espio (533)
  190. Blake Belladonna vs Dark Pit / Deathstroke vs Cad Bane (532)
  191. Omega vs Zero (531)
  192. Engineer vs Ellis (522)
  193. Samus Aran vs Gordon Freeman (510)
  194. Rowlet vs Hoppip (495)
  195. Batman vs Espio (479)
  196. Lucario vs Renamon (473)
  197. Zero vs Fulgore (456)
  198. Isaac Clarke vs Gordon Freeman (441)
  199. Slenderman vs Freddy Fazbear (440)
  200. Captain Falcon vs Saitama (435)
  201. Lopunny vs Tsareena (434)
  202. Iron Man vs Jango Fett (401)
  203. Blaze vs Azula (380)
  204. Goku vs Sonic (345)
  205. Batman vs Shadow (335)

Bonus Episodes

*Bold means completed

Zack Mental (OC) WIP

Made on avatarmaker.com, as well as borrowing a Green Lantern mask from Google Images (supercoloring.com to be precise)


  • Full name: Zack Mental
  • Aliases: The Sunsetter, the Masquerade, the admin
  • Age: 21
  • Species: Human
  • Personality: Usually upbeat and comedic

Backstory (the important bits, anyway)

  • At a young age, Zack was transported to another world by an unknown force. He was found in the freezing mountains by Ella Mental, a bipedal vixen who offered to bring him home to Sunset Village and give him a place to stay. Believing him to be a magical prodigy spoken of in ancient folklore, Ella's father adopted Zack, and he and Ella both began to train together in the ways of magic in order to rid the world of evil, and took up jobs to try and help renovate their village and convert it into a thriving town.


  • Destiny's Eye, a sceptre that grants Zack incredible elemental power and capabilities depending on the equipped orb.
    • Wind Orb
      • Gust (Fires a gust of wind at the enemy. Can also be used to propel the user into the air)
      • Tornado (Summons a tornado around the enemy)
    • Fire Orb
      • Fire Ball (Fires a ball of fire, duh!)
      • Magma Blast (Fires a bigger fireball that explodes on impact. Takes longer to charge that a standard Fire Ball, but hits like a truck!)
      • Fire Pillar (Summons a pillar of fire around the enemy)
      • Magma Shield (Creates a forcefield of fire)
    • Earth Orb
      • Earth Shift (Allows Zack to manipulate the terrain at will)
      • Stone Pillar (Raises a stone pillar from the ground)
      • Golem (Summons a golem sidekick that packs a brutal punch!)
    • Water Orb
      • Heal (Heals minor wounds like cuts and grazes. Cannot replenish limbs, though)
      • Waterfall (Summons a large torrent of water around the enemy)
      • Water Pulse (Casts a large ball of water)
      • Aqua Shield (Creates a forcefield of water)
    • Lightning Orb
      • Lightning Ball (Fires a ball of electricity. Has a chance to stun and paralyze foes)
      • Lightning Strike (Calls upon a bolt of lightning)
      • Lightning Shield (Creates a forcefield of electricity)
    • Ice Orb
      • Ice Shard (Summons sharp shards of ice)
      • Blizzard (Summons a strong blizzard around the foe)
      • Ice Blast (Fires a large ball of ice that explodes on impact. Takes longer to charge than standard Ice Shards)
      • Freeze (Can freeze over terrain and opponents)
      • Ice Shield (I think you get the picture by now with these shields)
    • Plant Orb
      • Poison Bomb (Casts a large toxic blast at foes. Has a chance to poison them)
      • Flora (Can manipulate plantlife at will, as long as there is plantlife in the vicinity)
    • TBA
  • These weapons are not exclusive to one element; they can be utilized with any element Zack chooses.
    • Grappling hook (except for this)
    • Chains
    • Wings
    • Swords
    • Bow
    • Cannons
    • Spears
    • Lances


  • Defeated Peep (albeit Peep was holding back)
  • Held out in a battle between both Peep and Zomboi
  • Fire magic is capable of burning through thick boulders
  • Has avoided and parried speed-of-lightning attacks
  • Reacted to BlackAttackX's attacks, which were faster than the eye could track (though this is largely because he knew to expect it)
  • Versatility with magic is practically infinite
  • Stated to be ROFL level


  • Though well trained, he is still somewhat lacking in terms of battlefield experience
  • Since magic draws power from the heart and soul, overexertion can lead to early exhaustion and fatigue
    • Relatively poor conditioning and stamina
  • Has a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later
  • Bit of a showboat
  • More of a range-based fighter (cannot utilize his full potential in an up-close battle)
  • Has a habit of not taking all his battles seriously (though this isn't always the case)
  • Not a talented tactician and resorts mainly to brute force to get the job done

Notable Quotes

  • "Boy, you are wearin' me out."
  • "You picked the wrong admins!"
  • "Hit as hard as you can. You know, the usual."
  • "You can't define your power by a statement alone."
  • "I'm still alive, aren't I? So no, not convinced."
  • "I was brought here to do a job, and that job is to stop people like you."
  • "You know something? You're not entirely wrong. I do have bitter feelings towards this world. I do have wish it would just give me a break. This world has made me feel grief, sorrow, loathing, but it has also given me kindness, compassion, and endearment. And it is those positives that I'm fighting for right now, and will continue to fight for until I draw my last breath. So you can bring forward your spite and malice, rally an army of everything I despise, 'cause you're gonna need all the help you can get if you want to break me for good."

Fights So Far

Story Battles

Non-story battles

Favourite Franchises To Write

  • Pokemon: Plenty of species, plenty of options to keep a fight interesting, can't really have many complaints. Been a follower since Gen 4 and fingers crossed we get a remake soon!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Another series I really like, with plenty of characters to tell different stories with. I love me some good Pokemon vs Sonic themed matchups in particular!
  • Fairy Tail: Bit late to the party, but I'm really into this series' character versatility. It's very easy to draw simple connections between other characters given the variety of magic in this verse, be it through specific elements, summoning capabilities, or rank.
  • My Little Pony: For a franchise I don't care about, the Hasbro toy-line is actually pretty easy to understand. The characters are simple, and applying each character's personalities to match up with their styles can be fun, and the magic aspect of alicorns and unicorns in particular provide nigh-limitless versatility. Surprisingly, quite a few of my longest battles contain characters from this series.
  • Akame ga Kill!: Similarly to Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kill! is a very good series for finding opponents, given the different personalities and unique weapons the verse provides. Characters such as Esdeath and Akame can prove to be handy gatekeeper characters to see how different fighting styles compare.
  • Left 4 Dead: Depending on the theme of the matchup, battles with characters from this Valve masterpiece can either be hilarious or serious. Again, given the variety of weapons at your disposal, battles can be entertaining from a distance or close quarters, and you are able to get very creative with the environment of your battle as well.
  • Dragon Ball: Martial arts? Check. Massive lasers? Check. Varied characters? Check. Another example of a gatekeeper series, where you can really test out different styles and come up with some unique spots in your battles.
  • RWBY: Now here's a series you can be super clever with when it comes to connections for a battle! With a very wide variety of characters with different personalities, weapons, and styles, you can find yourself writing battles even you would be surprised to think about! Good luck with finding solid renders for lesser known characters though!

Mental Notes

My personal to-do list. You may ignore this.

  • Need to sort out the category issue
  • Give main page a makeover
  • Finish Volume 10
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