This blog is dedicated to the tournaments completed on this site. It will help people understand when they can start a new tournament. Check the Rules and Guidelines pages for the rules about tournaments.

Ongoing Tournaments

Tournaments currently in the works

Completed Tournaments


  • Super Smash Bros. Tournament (Peep4Life)
  • Video Game World Cup (ZackAttackX)
  • End of the Summer Tournament (John1Thousand)
  • Halloween Frieght Tournament (John1Thousand)
  • Sky High Tournament (PillsburyZomboi)
  • Silent Night Holiday Tournament (John1Thousand)

Abandoned Tournaments

Tournaments that haven't been worked on in more than three months

  • Nintendo Tournament (Slantheman)
  • DBX Tournament (Densetsu1999)
  • Thunder's Return (ThunderbladeX)
  • Saving the Universe (LeTotalMemer2)
  • Settling the Score (Demon CD)
  • Marvel and DC Tournament (The Irish VS Writer)
  • DBX Tournament (AtomicMonkey4Life)
  • Do You Believe In Magic? (WarpyNeko930)
  • Jingle Bells Challenge (Demon CD)
  • Rex's Double Duel Tournament (RoaringRexe)
  • Golden-Sans78's Christmas Chaos Tournament (Gold-sans mobile)
  • Phantom's Tag Team Tourney (ThunderbladeX)
  • DBX Multiverse Fanon (Pokemon Trainer Lion)
  • The Great Waifu War (Thetmartens)
  • Halloween 2018 Tournament (Versus22)
  • Shattered Shards Tournament (Psychomaster35)
  • Swamp Fever Tournament (Xattu2Hottu)
  • Character DBX Tournament (Coffee Lemon)
  • The Ultimate Race Off Tournament (AGOODPERSON75)
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