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The last of there kind... these two robots with a small critter as a friend duke it out 


'Ringmaster: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my arena, where there's no rules, no research, only bloodshed! I am Ringmaster, your announcer, your host extraordinaire for this extravaganza. And let me welcome you, to '''the exhibition!!!''


Ringmaster: In the left corner, we have the Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth Class, aka WALL-E! This cute little guy was built to clean up trash! However after years of intense labor, he became the last of his kind... he fights with a fire extinguisher, a laser that can cut through metal, trash cubes to attack his opponent’s. He was made by the company BNL and has a little cockroach friend... ah how cute.

Ringmaster: In the right corner, we have the SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, aka Bastion! This ferocious warbot, was deactivated after the Omni Crisis, and later turned back on by a Gandemeade. Now with what looks like robo-PTSD, and a love for nature, he fights alongside Torbjorn to protect others! And he’s well equipped for the job as well, with a sentry, tank, and recon mode, and equipped with the ability to self repair, Bastion is one heck of a fighter! Enough talk, let’s watch the show!

The Fight

Bastion is seen wandering through the forest with Gandemeade, when Gandemeade flies off and eats a cockroach. However this was WALL-E’s cockroach, and WALL-E protected the critter from the Gandemeade by shooting some fire extinguisher’s foam at it. This angered Bastion and he readies his gun.


Bastion fires off his machine gun hand, and WALL-E ever the fighter, goes

WALL-E: Woah!

WALL-E decides to duck and dodge the bullets running around frantically to avoid being shot. Bastion, out of ammo, switches to his turret form and starts to wreck some utter shite, and blasts his 300 rounds of ammunition at WALL-E missing every single shot. WALL-E seeing an opening decides to run up and whack Bastion with his fire extinguisher, hitting Bastion on top of his turret, dealing a solid 2 damage. Bastion finished reloading spins around and whacks WALL-E away. WALL-E then rolls back towards Bastion, deciding that this robot needed to be scrapped. WALL-E decides to activate his head laser, and fires at Bastion, hoping to hit. Bastion hears WALL-E and spins around, fires his 300 ammo, and starts to reload. WALL-E, deactivating his laser, rolls up as a box, and then cuts off Bastion’s turret, forcing him to switch to recon mode. Bastion, clearly annoyed goes,

Bastion: Beep boop beep boop beeeeep boo! (Translation: Why you little... you’ll pay for that!)

Bastion than point blank files at WALL-E, who uses his head, and ducks, narrowly avoiding the bullet. Bastion then grabs the cut off turret and using his self repairs system, puts it back on. Bastion now mad, goes tank mode on this boi, launching a giant ball of flame at WALL-E all while screaming...

Bastion: BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO BOOOOOO! (Translation: CHARGE!)

WALL-E then uses his last resort, he launches a trash cube at Bastion, causing an explosive round to go off right in Bastion’s face. Using the smoke as a distraction, WALL-E runs, er rolls, up to Bastion and cuts him clean in half. Then WALL-E cuts Bastion up into little pieces and trash compacts him, storing him inside his chest.


Total votes: 15

Percentage of votes for WALL-E 66.7%

Percentage of votes for Bastion: 33.3%


Lmao idk.

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